CrissCross Expert Advisor

The CrissCross EA is automation software developed to utilize confirmations from the CrissCross Strategy taught on Market Mastery. When the entry confirmations and confluences are met, CrissCross will take the trade utilizing your personal risk management and trade management preferences. As an added feature, if "manual trading" is set to true, any manual trades executed by the trader will be managed by the EA as well, making CC a powerful trade management tool. The software will send the trader an alert that a setup has met the requirements of a trade, and the trader may choose to activate the trade manually or bypass it. This software is best utilized in a trending market. 


  • Automation Software for MT4 & MT5
  • Recorded lessons & PDF guides for installation
  • Backtested Preset files from successful users
  • Serial Key locked to 2 DEMO and 1 LIVE trading accounts
  • Users may request these accounts to be changed for no additional cost ONE time per monthly payment period. Any changes beyond this will require users to purchase access for an additional account
  • Live CrissCross Strategy Sessions
  • This product will auto renew monthly
There are no refunds on this product.