VPS Serial Key (multiple terminals)

A serial key for algorithmic trading (EA trading)  refers to a unique code or license that grants access to a the EA software.

This add-on option is available to ACTIVE TradeAssist Lite, HedgeHog XTreme, CrissCross, SuperSonic, Pips and Dip, Sniper Pro, TNT and Viper Course users only. If a user is participating in the broker partnership programs or OPM QuikPass, they are not eligible for this option. Users must have a PAID EA subscription to participate in this option. The Serial Key will be locked to ONE IP Address and allow you to run multiple MT4/MT5 terminals simultaneously for "any EA you are subscribed to" without additional serial key requests per purchase. Each individual EA will require and individual purchase for this upgrade. 

Running more than 3 terminals simultaneously may result in poor performance. ForexNChill VPS can support 3-5 terminals without loss of performance.

Once purchased, users will need to submit the request form found within the course lessons below. Please ensure that you include your VPS IP address on your request form. 

This course does not include the TradeAssist Lite, HedgeHog XTreme, CrissCross, SuperSonic, Pips and Dip, Sniper Pro, , TNT and Viper software or files. Please click here to visit the Expert Advisor Courses to purchase the software. This add-on option does not auto-renew.

Please follow the course lessons to request your account access. 

Serial Key Access

Starting date

August 11, 2023






Account License will expire when your EA course subscription expires.



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