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QuikPass: Unlocking Opportunities, Boosting Performance

Discover QuikPass, the cutting-edge prop firm passing service offered exclusively through Ombinibus Portfolio Management in collaboration with FNC Academy LLC. With a dedicated account manager at your side, we will seamlessly navigate your funding challenge using state-of-the-art HFT (High Frequency Trading) techniques. If HFT is not applicable to your challenge, please refrain from selecting this option. Please note that OPM QuikPass is not responsible for verifying HFT restrictions. To ensure a smooth process, kindly provide us with any guidelines or restrictions via email or our request form.

For a comprehensive understanding of our services, we urge you to review the accompanying course documents.

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There are no refunds on this product. Users must have their credentials prior to enrolling in this solution. No exceptions will be made. 

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Prop Pass

We use exclusive software to pass prop firm challenges and get you funded with quicker access to trading capital.

OPM QuikPass Information

OPM QuikPass Information

Omnibus Portfolio Management

Omnibus Portolio Management

Independent Agents
FNC Academy has contracted independent agents with a proven track record of passing challenges.  OPM will offer account management services in the future.