Omnibus Portfolio Management HFT
(Quik-Pass Prop Firm Passes)

Quik-Pass is a prop firm passing service offered via Ombinibus Portfolio Management in partnership with FNC Academy LLC. 

A dedicated account manager will pass your funding challenge on your behalf utilizing HFT. If your challenge does not allow HFT (High Frequency Trading Bots), then please do not select this option. If your prop firm allows EA trading, but not HFT, please click here to choose the EA option for OPM QuikPass. OPM QuikPass is not responsible for verifying restrictions regarding HFT or EAs. Please share all restriction guidelines via email correspondence or on your request form. 

All traders who utilize the OPM QuikPass service will be granted 1 month of access to any of the FNC Academy EAs locked to 1 DEMO and 1 LIVE account. Please utilize the form in LESSON 3 to request access. 

Please read all documents within the course below for a better understanding.

All inquiries may be directed to [email protected]

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Prop Pass

We use exclusive software and/or manual trading to pass prop firm challenges and get you funded with quicker access to trading capital.

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Omnibus Portfolio Management

Omnibus Portolio Management

Independent Agents
FNC Academy has contracted independent agents with a proven track record of passing challenges.  OPM will offer account management services in the future.