One-On-One Expert Advisor Installation & Troubleshooting

Enroll in this course to schedule a one-on-one session with a ForexNChill Staff Member. They will help you install, troubleshoot, and train you on the ForexNChill Expert Advisor software.

Please note that staff members will not create or adjust any inputs (settings) for you. It is recommended to back-test and demo any adjustments made to your expert advisor during or after the session.

The session will last up to an hour, and any unused time will not be credited or rescheduled. This session will be booked for individual users, please contact support if you would like to book a group session. You will receive a copy of the recorded session within 24 hours. 

There are no refunds on this purchase.

Zoom Meeting

Starting date

On Demand




Beginner to Advanced


up to 1 Hour



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Expert Advisor

Traders who receive private mentoring usually experience accelerated growth. Book with one of our experts today.
Get past the "EA learning curve" by booking with one of our support staff today to assist you in full setup or troubleshooting.

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