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This outstanding compilation of training videos is tailored to empower intermediate to advanced level traders in conquering the market!

This comprehensive course is designed to cater to the needs of Intermediate to Advanced level Forex Traders. It delves into a wide range of essential concepts including Supply and Demand, Support and Resistance, Smart Money Concepts, Market Structure, and much more. By thoroughly exploring these key areas, traders will gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the forex market and equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary for success. Whether you're looking to enhance your existing trading strategy or develop new ones, this course provides a solid foundation to help you navigate the complexities of the forex market effectively.

  • SND (Supply & Demand) & SNR (Support & Resistance) Bootcamp
  • SMC (Smart Money Concepts) Bootcamp
  • Back to Basics Market Structure Bootcamp
  • 45+ Hours of unreleased trainings with GiGi

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November 2023




Intermediate to Advanced 


65+ Hours of Intensive Recorded Training


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By engaging in these higher-level trainings, participants can expand their skill set, gain specialized expertise, build a valuable professional network, and experience personal growth. Ultimately, these trainings provide a pathway for individuals to reach their full potential and achieve professional success.
Participating in these trainings allows individuals to connect with experts and peers, engage in meaningful discussions, and exchange valuable insights and experiences. This network can greatly benefit career development, mentorship, and future collaborations. Intermediate to advanced trainings also offer personal growth opportunities by pushing participants outside their comfort zones. This fosters resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset. Additionally, advanced trainings boost self-confidence and empower individuals to take on new challenges and pursue ambitious goals. 
Intermediate to advanced level trainings offer in-depth and specialized content, allowing participants to explore topics at an advanced level. This deeper understanding enhances problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and industry knowledge. These trainings also promote networking and collaboration among professionals. This on-demand course can be utilized at the pace of the trader and can be used for remedial training for years to come. 

Meet the instructor

Guenevere "GiGi" Ramos

CEO & Master Trader